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Spur Straps


They put up with the extremes: the wash rack, the brandings, cow shit, and the dust. You and your straps take on a personality ... tough and can handle it. That's what we had in mind when we built this line. Full grain leather, lined, glued, and sewn, with accents that make a classy statement. If you're not satisified we return every penny.



Spur Strap Options



Whether you're branding, showing or day riding, leggins are a must. Custom leggins reflect your own personal statement. We listen to your direction to personalize the fit and function that suits you. The mud, blood, horse sweat, dirt, and weather builds character to leggins. As horseman and women, you have to provide that good part that gets on your chaps.



Leggins Options

Buckaroo & Vaquero Gear


Traditional time honored techniques of Knowledge, Patience, Confidence Building, and Developed Try all with the goal of developing a finished bridle horse. ... And yes, all the FINELY crafted gear that goes along with the vaquero tradition. It's a journey more than a destination. Enjoy the ride.



Buckaroo & Vaquero



A bridle horse deserves a nice bridle. It's really not that they care, but it shows you care and they know you're proud. Pride, from foal to bridle, is a long journey. It matters.



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Saddlebags & Scabbards


Packed and always ready ... string, pliers, chap stick, first aid, fire starter, doctoring kit, and a few sweet candies. The saddle bags should always be ready for those long days out. Accessory bags are a convenient way to make short rides more pleasant with treats, water, and yes maybe a phone. Oh well, enjoy your outing.



Saddlebags & Scabbards

Cowboy Pullling Collars


When off the shoulders of the horse, the collar is unrestricting, and functions to enable the horse to pull. It's shaped like the draft horse collar which spreads the load on the chest muscles. It works and it looks cool!



Pulling Collars

Cowboy Accessories


Accessories are the spice of life ... the custom knife, bucking rolls, cowboy saddle hobbles ,,, These are the little things that go along with you to make the day go smooth. Take a look at our selection of must have items.



Cowboy Accessories

Hard Working Harness Gear



Our working tack is built tough ... period. It's hard-working year in and year out and made from extra heavy old world harness leather from Hermann-Oak Tannery. It's tanned to withstand the extreme use of the horse world.


We're committed to using quality leather, hardware, and construction techniques to give you years of dependability you expect.

NOTE: We can deep oil these products or you can just allow the tallows, oils, and waxes infused during the tanning process to mellow the leather with use.



Harness Gear Options

Wild Rags


Your Wild Rag makes a bold statement about your character: an ECLECTIC out the box thinker, one of a kind, open to new ideas about interacting with your equine partners ....... gaining firm participation.



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